Feeling Artsy in Rotterdam

 A little something for the weekend, with love from Art Rotterdam 2016.

1.  Axel Koschier, Untitled 2015, Leslie

2.  Bastian Borsig, ohne Titel 38, 2016, Galerie Wagner + Partner

3.  Fritz Bornstuck, the entertainer, 2015, Herrmann Germann Contemporary

4.  James Aldridge, Cursed Wolf, 2016, David Risley Gallery

5.  Jonathan Callan, Mountains in Flower, 2015, Hopstreet

6.  Jos Van Merendonk, 2015-0, 6-12, 2015, Boetzelaer Nispen

8.  Koen Delaere, Untitled 2015, Gerhard Hofland

10.  Mahmoud Bakhshi, Mediocre Middle East 2015, Narrative Projects

11.  Manfred Schneider, Bedrok, 2015, Livingstone Gallery The Hague Berlin

12.  Mikko Rikala, Debris of Presence 11th km, 2015, Rotwand

13.  Morgan Betz, Popcorn and Sakura, 2015, Willem Baars Projects

14.  Sebastian Bremer, Large Schoener Goetterfunken V, Heavenly, thy Sanctuary, 2011, Galerie Ron Mandos

15.  Valerie Kolakis, Almost Familiar Place, 2016, Fold Gallery

16.  Wouter Van Der Laan, Hot Springs, 2015, Galerie Rianne Groen

17.  Raquel Van Haver, Re-turn to the Dutch ess, Miss. No.7, 2016, Ronlangart


A Greener Paris in the future

By 2020 the City of Light is poised to looked remarkably different. Think green, greener and then some more green. As part of a competition entitled "Reinventing Paris," 23 spaces in Paris have been earmarked to undergo an environmentally friendly transformation. With trees protruding from every crevice of each selected building there is little to dislike about this effort. If only the endeavor could spark a contagion then we could all absorb the benefit. For more info see Pavillon de L'Arsenal. Source: France 24.
















Yoga or Pilates...which do you choose?

Taking a break from art for a minute I thought I would do a little comparison of two fitness options many women choose to incorporate into their lifestyle: yoga and Pilates. Seeing as it's February, the month when most New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside and the sea of gym goers starts to decline I wondered how many have actually continued to go. If you've chosen to incorporate either of these two into your routine, you may have questioned which is better for your body. In which case, you are not alone. Truthfully, you're unlikely to lose weight from either one of them. But doing them is still worth it.
Pilates will not only tighten your muscles, it will also balance them out. The latter is important, because if you have weak inner thigh muscles your outer thighs will keep pulling your knee cap to the side and then you're going to have problems with your joints. Not only will you have pain in your knee but you'll also have trouble building muscle tone in your legs and butt. Your body needs balance in every step it takes, quite literally. So, if your feet don't land evenly or at the same height, your legs are likely to turn in and create poor or uneven muscle tone. Pilates can help fix this because it uses small and isolated movements that work each side of the leg muscles evenly. And when you create balance and move with balance, your body will align in such a way as to optimize your muscle building potential. Without this, your muscles will not "fire" and you legs will simply schlep along moving your loose body tissue (yes, the one you are trying to lose) but without really using it. And because you won't be building muscle, you will not be able to increase your metabolism. Hence, you'll exercise without any results. But there is hope...

These are discontinued but I like them so much I hope they'll bring them back
Before you jump into Pilates thinking it's going to solve all your problems, first look at why you have weak muscle tone in the first place. We may not all have been lucky enough to take gymnastics or ballet as children. And it's too bad, because if you know anyone who has you'll notice that they have no trouble staying fit. Generally speaking, once you have muscle, it's here to stay. That's why finding an underlying cause here is an important step. Usually, the root problem is pronation (or flat feet), sometimes scoliosis and leg length imbalances. If you don't know if you have one of these issues speaking to your doctor may help. Many people whose feet turn in have to wear orthotics. The problem is you often can't wear them during yoga or Pilates. Plus it's easier to go barefoot. That's why Nike's Studio Wrap 4 shoes are brilliant. Not only can you fit in an orthotic to correct your flat feet but you can also insert a lift if you need one. A leg length imbalance is more common than you think. But it requires an x-ray, taken while you're standing up, to really see if there is a length differential. Consequently, solid and supported feet should be the foundation of good health and a precursor to any exercise program. Without them, you might as well go out and play with marbles.

Finding the right mat to use is the next challenge. Pilates mats are often thicker than yoga ones although you can probably find thicker yoga mats if you look around. Stott Pilates offers decent sized mats at reasonable prices. Personally, I use three mats and just layer them on top of one another. My yoga teacher meanwhile recommends one from B Mat. This Canadian company has several styles and sizes, and although not cheap, you'll likely to get a lasting product. Some are quite hefty though, so while they may help prevent knee problems, don't be surprised if you end up with a shoulder strain from carrying one around. To better protect your knees you can also look for Yoga Rat pads. A thera band, used in both practices, is your next best friend. Not only will it provide you with support, it will also allow for ease of movement when you exercise. A good instructor can help you tailor your movements if you need them. If you find taking classes too pricey, don't let that derail you. There are plenty of good material online and videos on Youtube that can easily help you to create your own workout plan. You can even add ballet to your repertoire by including some ballet moves from balletbeautiful.com.

I find working out in a long sleeve top is especially comfortable. It keeps you warm, which may help improve your circulation, and it just feels good. Plus, you don't have to worry about how your arms will look. Lululemon seems to have the best selection and value for your money. They're not cheap but overall, they're a win-win. You won't be disappointed with their quality, fit or design and they'll likely to last you forever.

So, when it comes to choosing between yoga or Pilates, I say do both as you'll get different benefits from each one. Pilates will balance and then eventually strengthen your muscles. While yoga will increase your flexibility and bring about a mindfulness that even a massage won't bring. If you have a lot of stress, each one will help, but yoga might relax you just a little bit more. Once you figure out how your body alignment affects your movement you can work to bring about greater balance in your body. That way, when the time comes to do your cardio, your muscles will work better, they will strengthen and you will lose weight more effectively.


Art Basel in Miami

In case you missed it, here's a small peak of what was on offer at Art Basel in Miami last December. It may not be London or New York but with warmer temperatures and shorter flights, Miami is an ideal winter getaway. This year the fair will run from December 1-4. While that may be some months away it would certainly be worth planning for.

1.  Adrian Paci, At sea, 2015, Galerie Peter Kilchmann

2. Charlie Billingham, Is This The Face of Concern?, 2015, Supportico Lopez

3.  Chris Martin, Untitled tree painting, 2014-2015, David Kordansky Gallery

4.  Christopher Wool, Untitled 10A, 2014, Universal Limited Art Editions

5.  Dewain Valentine, Circle Clear - Blue, 1971, Almine Rech

6.  Eduardo Berliner, Raposa, 2015, Casa Triangulo

7.  Michael Eastman, Green Interior, Havana, 2002, Edwynn Houk Gallery

8.  Richard Mosse, Beast of Burden, 2015, Jack Shainman Gallery

9.  Robert Polidori, Hotel Petra Wall Detail #1, Beirut, Lebanon, 2010, Paul Kasmin Gallery

10.  Vik Muniz, LACMA, Repro, 2015, Sikkema Jenkins & Co

11.  Waqas Khan, Untitled, 2015, Galerie Krinzinger


For the Love of France...

A long overdue recap of the 2015 FIAC art fair in Paris:

1. Alberto Burri, Cretto LA 1975, Tornabuoni Art

2.  Ariel Schlesinger, Untitled (Burnt Paper), 2014, Dvir Gallery

3.  Asta Groting, A Burgher of Calais, The Feet of Eustache de Saint Pierre, 2015, Carlier Gebauer

4.  Bernard Frize, Rigo 2004, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

5.  Carsten Holler, Octopus, 2014, Air de Paris, Paris

6.  Claire Fontaine, Untitled (Wishing painting), 2015, Air de Paris, Paris

7.  Clive Head, Thinking About Georges Braque, 2013, Landau Fine Art

8.  David Claerbout, Homeless Cat, 2011, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

9.  David Hockney, The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in 2011, (twenty eleven) 25 February, 2011, Annely Juda Fine Art 

10.  David Hominal, Untitled, 2015, Kamel Mennour Paris

11.  Diango Hernandez, Ultrasound to my mother history- we got twins!, 2008, Capitain Petzel

12.  Dor Guez, The Painter, Scanogram 13, 2015, Carlier Gebauer

13.  Douglas Gordon, Self Portrait of You + Me (Elv), 2015, Dvir Gallery

14.  Eileen Quinlan, Makers, 2013, Miguel Abreu Gallery, NY

15.  Elizabeth Peyton, Tim, 2014, Sadie Coles, London

16.  Eric Fischl, Art Fair Booth#1 Exit, 2014, Jablonka

17.  Fabienne Verdier, Silencieuse Coincidence, 2009, Jeanne-Bucher Jaeger, Paris

18.  George Condon, Large Female Portrait, 2015, Spruth Magers

19.  Gilles Barbier, A very old Thing, 2015, Galerie Georges Philippe & Nathalie Vallois

20.  Heimo Zobernig, Untitled 2014, Nagel Draxler Berlin

21.  Heimo Zobernig, Untitled 2015, Simon Lee

22.  Ignasi Aballi, Cielo roto, 2013, Galerie Thomas Bernard Cortex Athletico

23.  Imran Qureshi, Opening word of this new scripture, 2015, Thaddaeus Ropac

24.  Jean Baptiste Huyn, Mali Portrait XXV, 2003, Galerie Lelong Paris

25.  Jeppe Hein, Breathing Watercolours (Wallpaper), 2015 303 Gallery, NY

26.  Jorge Macchi, Cover 03, 2012, Galeria Luisa Strina

27.  Juan Usle, Sone que revelabas (Yenisei), 2014, Lelong Paris

28.  Julie Beaufils, Love the view, 2015, Balic Hertling

29.  Kader Attia, Arab Spring, 2014, Galleria Continua

30.  Karen Kilimnik, the mirror of the Indian Ocean, 2015 303 Gallery NY

31.  Kelly Akashi, Figure oO, 2015, Francois Ghebaly

32.  Latifa Echakhch, Vendredi 11 aout 1989 C'est un sentiment comme ca, 2014, Dvir Gallery

33.  Leyla Cardenas, Scarcity, 2015, Casas Riegner, San Jose

34.  Marina Pinsky, Blomme Corbusier II, 2015, Clearing, NY

35.  Martial Raysee, La Rencontre, 2009, Kamel Mennour

36.  Math Bass, Newz! 2015 Overduin & Co.

37.  Mathew Cerletty, On the Move, 2014, Office Baroque

38.  Matt Mullican, Untitled, 2015, Mai 36 Galerie

39.  Matthew Darbyshire, Captcha No.5 Sophocles, 2015, Jousse Enterprise

40.  Michel Francois, Piece of Evidence (Confetti), 1994 2014, Bortolami NY

41.  Michel Majerus, 'overdose', 1997, Neugerriemschneider Berlin

42.  Mircea Cantor, The world belongs to those who set it on fire, 2015, Dvir Gallery

43.  Mona Hatoum, Korb III 2014, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris

44.  Nancy Spero, War, birds of prey, 1966, Galerie Lelong Paris

45.  Nicolas Party, Landscape, 2015, Kaufmann Repetto NY

46.  Oliver Osborne, Rubber Plant, 2015, Gio Marconi

47.  Oliver Osborne, Untitled (Pot), 2015, Catherine Bastide

48.  Oliver Osborne, Untitled, 2015, Catherine Bastide

49.  Pamela Rosenkranz, Aquamarine (Clear My Mind), 2014, Miguel Abreu Gallery, NY

50.  Peter Piller, Untitled, 2015, Capitain Petzel, Berlin

51.  PEYBAK, Abrakan #18 2015, GP & N Vallois

52.  Philippe Parreno, Happy Ending, Stockholm, Paris, 1996, 1997, 2014-2015 Air de Paris, Paris

53.  Rana Begum, No.581, 2015, The Third Line

54.  Remy Markowitsch, Exhibition view Julien, 2014 Eigen Art, Berlin

55.  Sayre Gomez, Untitled Painting with trompe l'oeil Coke bottle, 2015, Galerie Nagel Draxler 

56.  Sean Scully, Landline two Blues, 2014, Galerie Lelong Paris

57.  Shilpa Gupta, My East is Your West, 2015, Galleria Continua

58.  Thierry De Cordier, Canciones 1 (Iconotexture), 2015, Xavier Hufkens

59.  Tim Eitel, Untitled, 2012, Jousse Enterprise

60.  Tony Cragg, Point of View, 2012 2015, Marian Goodman Gallery

61.  Walid Raad, Letters to the Reader, 2014, Paula Cooper, NY

62.  Wilhelm Sasnal, Untitled (Athletes) (detail), 2001, Hauser & Wirth

63.  Will Benedict, Economy Overboard, 2014, Balice Hertling

64.  Wolfgang Tillmans, still life Talbot Rd., 1991, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin

65.  Zak Prekop, Unmeasured Pattern (Blue), 2015, Essex Street